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Waterford Unified School District

Salary Reduction Agreement Forms (SRA)

403(b) Downloadable PDF SRA
PLEASE NOTE: Return this form as instructed within. To utilize the full functionality available within this PDF form, Adobe Acrobat is recommended. If using Chrome as your web browser, you will need to save the form and open in Adobe Acrobat prior to completing it electronically.

403(b) Service Based Catch-Up

Online Request Form
Downloadable PDF Version

403(b) Providers

AIG Retirement Services (formerly VALIC) 
American Century Services LLC  [Fee: $3.00]
American Fidelity Assurance Co. 
American Funds Service Company  [Fee: $3.00]
Americo Financial Life/Annuity 
Ameriprise Financial/RiverSource 
Aspire Financial Services **
Athene Annuity and Life (Aviva) 
California Teachers Association (CTA)  [Fee: $3.00]
CalSTRS Pension 2 (VOYA)  [Fee: $3.00]
Equitable (formerly AXA) 
Farmers Life Ins. **
Fidelity Management Trust  [Fee: $3.00]
Fiduciary Trust Intl-Franklin Templeton  [Fee: $3.00]
Great American Insurance Group **
Horace Mann Life Ins. Co. 
Industrial Alliance - (Sec.Ben.) 
Industrial Alliance Ins & Fin. Serv. Inc 
Invesco OppenheimerFunds 
IPX - Investment Provider Xchange 
Jackson National Life III  [Fee: $3.00]
Jefferson National Life **
John Alden Life Insurance Company **
Lincoln Benefit Life (Allstate Variable Annuity) - 403(b) **
Lincoln Investment Planning 
Lincoln National 
Mass Mutual VA **
Midland National Life Insurance 
Millennium Trust Company **
Modern Woodmen of America 
National Health Insurance Company - 403(b) **
National Life Group (LSW) 
North American Company 2 
NY Life Ins. & Annuity Corp. 
Orion Portfolio Solutions, LLC (Formerly FTJ FundChoice)  [Fee: $3.00]
Pacific Life Insurance Company  [Fee: $3.00]
PenServ SmartSAV (formerly Foresters) 
PFS Investments 
PlanMember Services Corp. 
Protective Life Insurance Company **
Putnam Investments 
ROTH - AIG Retirement Services (formerly VALIC) 
ROTH - American Century Services LLC  [Fee: $3.00]
ROTH - California Teachers Assoc. (CTA)  [Fee: $3.00]
ROTH - CalSTRS Pension 2 (VOYA)  [Fee: $3.00]
ROTH - Equitable (formerly AXA) 
ROTH - Fidelity Management Trust  [Fee: $3.00]
ROTH - Horace Mann Life Ins. Co. 
ROTH - Invesco OppenheimerFunds 
ROTH - IPX - Investment Provider Xchange 
ROTH - Lincoln Investment 
ROTH - Lincoln National 
ROTH - MetLife 
ROTH - National Life Group (LSW) 
ROTH - NY Life Ins. & Annuity Corp. 
ROTH - Orion Portfolio Solutions, LLC (Formerly FTJ FundChoice)  [Fee: $3.00]
ROTH - PenServ SmartSAV (formerly Foresters) 
ROTH - PlanMember Services Corp. 
ROTH - Primerica Financial Services 
ROTH - Security Benefit 
ROTH - The Legend Group, A Lincoln Investment Company 
ROTH - Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co.  [Fee: $3.00]
ROTH - Voya Financial (Reliastar) 
ROTH - Voya Financial (VRIAC) 
ROTH - Waddell & Reed 
Security Benefit 
The Legend Group, A Lincoln Investment Company 
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 
USAA Life Insurance Co. **
Vanguard Fiduciary Trust Co.  [Fee: $3.00]
Voya Financial (Reliastar) 
Voya Financial (VRIAC) 
Waddell & Reed Inc. 

Service providers with a double asterisk notation (**) are not authorized to accept new accounts under your employer's plan. Please contact Tax Deferred Solutions with any questions.

A fee of $3 per month is charged to each investment provider by the employer's plan administrator to cover the costs of administration. Many investment providers have agreed to pay this fee and do not pass it along to the plan participants. Some investment providers may require that the plan administration fee be paid by the plan participant. If the participant Is responsible for paying this fee it will be noted above and deducted through an after-tax payroll deduction.

Plan Features

Eligible Employees
All employees, but employees who normally work fewer than 20 hours per week or student-teachers or teacher’s aides (i.e., persons providing service on a temporary basis while attending a school, college or university) described in Code section 3121(b)(10) are not eligible to participate. Please note: An employee normally works fewer than 20 hours per week if, for the 12-month period beginning on the date the employee's employment commenced, the employer reasonably expects the employee to work fewer than 1,000 hours of service (as defined under Section 410(a) (3) (C) of the Code) and, for each plan year ending after the close of that 12-month period, the employee has worked fewer than 1,000 hours of service.
Employer Non-Elective Contributions
Available; up to 50% of total account values, subject to availability and additional restrictions applied by individual vendors
Financial Hardship Distribution
Available; pursuant to Section 1.401(k)-1(d)(3)(iii)(B) of the Income Tax Regulations, subject to availability and additional restrictions applied by individual vendors
Transfers into Plan

(A transfer of assets from one employer’s 403(b) plan to another)

Transfers Out of Plan

(A transfer of assets from one employer’s 403(b) plan to another)

Service Based Catch-Up

(Permits eligible employees with a given number of years of service to contribute additional money to their 403(b) beyond their base limit. See form for details and limit amounts.)

Rollover Contributions

(A contribution of a distribution from another plan (i.e. 401(k), 457, IRA))

Please call to inquire
Contract Exchanges

(A change of investment within a 403(b) plan)

Available. Please note that the new investment provider must be participating in your Employer's 403(b) plan (see list above).

(i.e. Separation from Service, Attainment of 59 ½ years of age, Permanent Disability, or Death)